Fierce, Mythical Mascot

The Royal Arms of Scotland
The Royal Arms of Scotland

Scotland and mythological creatures seem to have a fondness for each other. Not only does Scotland boast ownership of the Loch Ness Monster, it has adopted the unicorn as its official animal.

As far back as 1466, the unicorn appeared on the official coin of the realm, and the Royal Coat of Arms sports two rampant unicorns.

In all official representations of the unicorn, the beast is chained, since it was considered virtually untamable and extremely dangerous. Perhaps it is that fierce desire for independence that will forever unite the unicorn and the Scot.

Vikings Beware! There Be Scots Here!

Vikings were afraid of SCOTLANDVikings were feared throughout Northern Europe for more than 300 years. The mere mention of these fierce Norse warriors was enough to turn the most battle-hardened soldier weak at the knees. There was one place, though, where even the Vikings trembled and avoided when possible: Scotland. Continue reading

When Scottish Independence Hung By a Spider’s Web

Robert the Bruce and the Spider

The winter of 1306 found Scotland’s Robert the Bruce on the verge of giving up. Having just been crowned King of Scots on March 25 (and again on March 27) of that year, his fortunes had turned. Instead of sitting on a throne in a castle, he was hiding in a cave on the Island of Rathlin off the coast of Ireland.  Continue reading

A Idiot In Scotland Might Find Himself Kilt


Scottish insults words for idiot

You can tell a lot about what concerns people by looking at their language. Eskimos have many words for snow. The ancient Greeks had six words for love. It doesn’t take a lot to conclude that these were important things for these cultures.

Based on this, one can reasonably conclude that Scots are quite concerned about being inconvenienced by people of low intelligence. Scotland has at least twenty words and phrases for the word idiot.

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who "I understand. You're an idiot."
Peter Capaldi shows his true Scottish colors as the Doctor in BBC’s Doctor Who episode “Under the Lake” when he says, “I understand. You’re an idiot.”

These words include: bampot, diddy,  div, dunderheed, dolton, eejit, goon, heid-the-baw, huddy, numpty, tube, choob, wallaper, warmer, galoot, dobber, gommy, roaster, daftie, and neap.

Royal Regalia and Highlander Honours

crown scotlands honours

The Honours of Scotland is the name given to the crown, sceptre, and sword of the Scottish monarchy. They are the oldest set of crown jewels in the British Isles, dating back to the coronation of Mary I in 1543. Continue reading

A Dictionary of Disdain

An excerpt from Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language
Samuel Johnson was known for his disdain of Scotland and its people. This dislike showed up when he published his Dictionary of the English Language in 1755 and included the following definition:

Oats: n. f. [Saxon] A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people.


Each Year Brings Pain … And Riches

Birthdays in Scotland come with a tradition of being greeted with a soft swat on the backside for every year of age. To make up for any offense, the recipient also receives a £1 note for every year, as well.