The Cavalry Charges Into History

Few military maneuvers instill as many thoughts of heroism and daring as the cavalry charge. Rushing at full speed against an onslaught of enemy forces has inspired such poetic works Alfred, Lord Tennyson's as "The Charge of the Light Brigade," and have launched political careers, as did the Battle of San Juan Hill for U.S.... Continue Reading →


Which Nation Has the Most Time Zones? The Answer May Surprise You!

Do you think you know which nation has the most time zones? Think again, because the answer may surprise you. Common sense tells us it should be Russia. The largest nation in the world should cover the most time zones, right? If your answer was Russia, you are incorrect. While Russia does boast an impressive... Continue Reading →

Clogging Up the Diplomatic Channels

The International Space Station, a multinational project, is divided into two sections: an American and Russian section. In 1998, when the venture began, it was reported that the Americans and Russians got along famously, sharing resources such as food and exercise equipment. Unfortunately, squabbles began after the first few years. One of the biggest tiffs... Continue Reading →

It’s Bad Enough Being the Middle Child; Imagine Being #43 Out of 87

The record for the most children born to one woman belongs to Valentina Vassilyeva of Shuya, Russia, who gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets, and four sets of quadruplets between 1725 and 1765. In 27 birthing events she gave birth to 69 children, 67 of whom survived infancy. After Valentina's... Continue Reading →

When “Whoops” Doesn’t Quite Cut It

False alarms leading to nuclear war make for interesting movie plots, but when they happen in real life, they are nightmarish, at best. One such nightmare happened on the morning of November 9, 1979. NORAD computers alerted personnel to a massive attack by the Soviet Union. Data showed a barrage of incoming nuclear missiles launched... Continue Reading →

Reducing the Werewolf Population One Adoption at a Time

Going the extra mile to keep the werewolf population down, Argentina's presidents have made it a custom since 1907 to "adopt" the seventh son born in a family. The practice comes from a Russian legend that a family's seventh consecutive son was cursed to become a werewolf. Immigrants brought the legend to Argentina, where werewolves are... Continue Reading →

You’ve Heard of Flying Reindeer; What About Pollyanna, the Reindeer of the Deep Seas?

The British submarine HMS Trident had an unusual crew member for part of its World War II service: a reindeer named Pollyanna. The Trident was among a fleet of submarines and supply ships that the British Navy sent to support the Soviet Union after the Nazis invaded in June 1941. The Trident was based at... Continue Reading →

I’ll Get You, My Pretty… And Your Little Kitten/Bunny, Too

In a move certain to make Grumpy Cat even more surly, Russian tax collectors have started arresting cats and holding them in custody to motivate delinquent tax payers to make good on their obligations. Officials of the Federal Bailiff Service (Tomsk Department) "arrested four kittens" as security for a 40,000-ruble debt (about $679 US dollars).... Continue Reading →

With a Little Help From My Friend Adversary

The SR-71 Blackbird was one of the greatest tools of espionage ever built. Flying at speeds of Mach 3, it could out-fly any enemy fighter or surface-to-air missile. In addition to its unmatched speed, the design of the aircraft made it nearly invisible to radar. In short, it was a technological marvel that gave the... Continue Reading →

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