When POTUS Has to Ask for Mommy’s Help

JFK letter to mother Kruschev autograph

He may have been the most powerful man in the world, but John F. Kennedy learned that there are some things even the President of the United States can’t do. HeĀ commanded a military of nearly 3 million people who would follow his orders without question, but there was one person to whom he needed to say, “Please.” That person who could reduce POTUS to a little boy was none other than his mother. Continue reading

It’s Bad Enough Being the Middle Child; Imagine Being #43 Out of 87

mother-of-69The record for the most children born to one woman belongs to Valentina Vassilyeva of Shuya, Russia, who gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets, and four sets of quadruplets between 1725 and 1765. In 27 birthing events she gave birth to 69 children, 67 of whom survived infancy.

After Valentina’s death, her husband, Feodor, remarried and fathered 18 more children. Of his 87 children, 82 survived infancy.

While some doubt has been cast upon the veracity of this information, Guinness Book of World Records investigated and considered it to be credible enough to confer “Most Prolific Mother Ever” upon the first Mrs. Vassilyeva.