Which Actor’s Words Are Worth the Most?

We expect successful actors to be paid massive sums to star in our favorite films, but have you ever considered how much they earn, relative to the amount of dialogue they actually speak? Here are the top-earning actors, based on the money earned per word of dialogue. Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator While starring as... Continue Reading →


No Touchdowns for Financial Maturity Among NFL Players

The average career of a National Football League (NFL) player is slightly more than three years. In those years, the average earnings is about $4 million after taxes. Despite this impressive amount in a relatively short amount of time, 78% of all former NFL players are bankrupt or nearly so within three years of ending... Continue Reading →

Banking on a Good Investment Return

Ida May Fuller (1874-1975) was the first recipient of United States Social Security benefits. Her first check arrived on January 31, 1940 and totaled $22.54. That was a pretty good deal for her, considering that she retired after having paid in only three years of payroll taxes, totaling $24.75. Mrs. Fuller lived for another 35... Continue Reading →

Walmart: The Savings Place and Earnings Place

Walmart generates sales of $36,750,000 every hour. To put that in perspective, if it took you five seconds to read that last sentence, $51,041.67 entered Walmart's cash registers during that time. From those sales in their 11,620 stores around the world, Walmart earns a profit of $2,099,100 each hour. That comes out to $583.83 for... Continue Reading →

Anticipating Presidential Protection

One of the last official acts of President Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) before leaving for Ford's Theater where he would be fatally shot was to sign legislation that created the United States Secret Service. While the Secret Service would ultimately be charged with the responsibility of protecting the President of the United States, it can hardly... Continue Reading →

$100 Trillion Just Doesn’t Buy What It Used To

Zimbabwe's rate of inflation in 1998 was 32%. That's bad by any standard, but little did they know how well off they were. Just ten years later the inflation rate was 11,200,000,000% for one month.   By November 2008, per one estimate, prices were doubling every 31 hours. Its currency had sunk to such a low... Continue Reading →

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