What Were These Headline Writers Thinking?

A headline is designed to capture the reader's attention and draw him or her into the story. Sometimes that happens in entirely unexpected ways. Take a look at some of the most hilarious headlines to have graced the newspapers. Sometimes the attempt to correct the mistake can be even more entertaining, as was the case... Continue Reading →


Funniest Newspaper Correction is …. Drugroll, Please!

In 2012 the editors of Centralia, Illinois' Morning Sentinel learned the value of one little letter. Red-faced, the editors ran the following correction: "Due to a typing error, Saturday’s story on local artist Jon Henninger mistakenly reported that Henninger’s band mate, Eric Lyday, was on drugs. The story should have read that Lyday was on... Continue Reading →

How “Herbie Goes Bananas” Led to a Radioactive Disaster

Herbie Goes Bananas, the 1980 film about a Volkswagen Beetle that is seemingly alive, is widely regarded as the worst of the Herbie movies. Some might even call it a disaster. Few could have guessed, however, that it would play a part in one of the worst nuclear disasters in history. When the private radiotherapy... Continue Reading →

"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually be afraid you will make one.’ ~~Elbert Hubbard

Quotes, thoughts and musings

3f4ee-fear Fear

Fear can and will cripple us.

We will make mistakes.

Will we learn from our mistakes?

The challenge is to embrace the learning.

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually be afraid you will make one. ~~Elbert Hubbard

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It’s Not Easy Being Green Grey

Marvel Comics' mega-strong, most-in-need-of-anger-management character the Hulk is best known for being green. Originally he appeared as grey, just as his creator Stan Lee intended. When a printer error turned him green, Lee decided to go with the flow. The Hulk has returned to grey occasionally over the more than half century since he first... Continue Reading →

Don’t Kill the Messenger — Especially if He Comes from Genghis Khan

Haven't heard of the Khwarezmian Empire? You can thank the unbelievably bad decisions of its leader, Shad Ala Ad-Din Muhammad II (1169-1220). The Khwarezmian Empire stretched from the Sea of Oman to the Oxus River and encompassed what sociologists refer to as “Greater Iran,” incorporating parts of modern-day China, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Genghis Khan... Continue Reading →

Need a Cheap iPhone? This Guy Has a Few. Just Don’t Ask About His Love Life

A Chinese factory worker spent more than $63,000 (500,000 yuan) to purchase 99 iPhone 6 devices. This is 17 times the average annual salary in his southern province of Guagzhou. He arranged the phones in the shape of a heart and then proposed to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, she said no. Maybe he should have sprung... Continue Reading →

If Only There Were A Backspace Button for Speech

When Crown Princess (later Queen) Louise of Sweden visited Uppsala Cathedral, the Archbishop conducted the tour in English. His use of the language was good, but he got tripped up at a very inconvenient time. As they approached a chest of drawers holding priceless items, the Archbishop said, "I will now open these trousers and... Continue Reading →

One Little Letter Makes All the Difference

Japanese speakers frequently have difficulty differentiating between the English letters "L" and "R". This was particularly evident in 1950 when supporters of General Douglas MacArthur (then serving as military governor of Japan during the post-war occupation) tried to encourage him to run in the next US Presidential election. While the general undoubtedly appreciated the vote... Continue Reading →

Super Sticky — Accidental History

Eastman Kodak research Harry Coover discovered Superglue years before he figured out what to do with it. At first, its stickiness infuriated him. Coover first came across cyanoacrylates (the chemical name for these überadhesives) in World War II. His team tried to use the material to create plastic gunsights. The cyanoacrylates kept sticking to everything,... Continue Reading →

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