Naturally Protected

95% of all people have a natural immunity to leprosy. source  


Forget “An Arm and a Leg” — Here’s The Really Expensive Stuff

We refer to something outlandishly expensive as "costing an arm and a leg." Perhaps a better comparison would be the cost of a unit of blood. The sale of body parts is illegal in most parts of the world, so it is hard to evaluate the fair market value for an arm and a leg.... Continue Reading →

A Smile So Sharp It Will Split Atoms

From 1940 to 1945, if you wanted to acquire radioactive material in Germany, you didn't have to engage in cloak-and-dagger shenanigans; you simply had to go to the nearest pharmacy and purchase a tube of Doramad toothpaste.  Doramad was produced with small quantities of radioactive thorium. This wasn't a manufacturing accident; it was an intentional... Continue Reading →

Pucker Up and Kiss Your Allergies Goodbye

Countless songs, poems, and dramatic works have been written about the power of a kiss. You may have been unaware of one of the additional benefits of the exercise: allergy reduction. Dr. Hajime Kimata, a Japanese scientist who specializes in allergy research, published the findings of his study on how kissing affected allergic reactions in patients... Continue Reading →

Gunshot Wound? Don’t Worry, Son… I’m Sure There’s An App for That

Every child believes his or her mom can fix every boo-boo. Sometimes that faith can be misplaced. Consider the case of the 14-year-old son of Deborah Tagle, who received a gunshot wound to the leg in May 2013. The injury occurred when a friend of the family accidentally discharged his firearm. Not being the kind... Continue Reading →

Take Some Mummy Powder, A Few Drops of Gladiator Blood, and Call Me in the Morning

Mellified Man: Take one male volunteer aged 70 or 80, and bathe him and feed him with nothing but honey. Upon his death (usually within a month), seal him in a coffin filled with honey. Age for 100 years, then break the seals. The recipe for mellified man, a confection could allegedly treat broken and... Continue Reading →

First Make People Laugh; Then Make Them Think

The "Ig Nobel Prizes" are a parody of the Nobel Prizes and are given each year for achievements that "first make people laugh, and then make them think". They are presented by a group that includes genuine Nobel Laureates. Those who receive the award get the opportunity in a ceremony to explain their achievements. If... Continue Reading →

An “Irregular” Fact About Mark Twain

Nikola Tesla once "shook the poop out" of a constipated Mark Twain with an experiment. One famous legend surrounding the eccentric Tesla was that he had an earthquake machine in his Manhattan laboratory that shook his building and nearly brought down the neighborhood during experiments. Tesla’s device wasn’t actually an earthquake machine, according to W. Bernard... Continue Reading →

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