Shipwrecking A Widely-Held Belief

Contrary to popular belief, ship captains do not have the authority to solemnize marriage. The belief persists so widely, however, that both the US Navy and British Mercantile Marine Office have adopted regulations that specifically prohibit captains from performing weddings. (see, for example, 32 CFR 700.716). source


Ministers Marry Lots of People… But Typically By Officiating, Not By Participating

Rev. Glynn "Scotty" Wolfe (1908 - 1997) holds the record for the largest number of monogamous marriages. Between 1926 and his death in 1997, Wolfe was married twenty-nine times to 26 different women. The longest marriage lasted eleven years. The shortest was nineteen days. Four of the marriages ended by the death of the wife.... Continue Reading →

If The Vows Required Staying Married Until the Cake Was Eaten, It Would Be ‘Til Death Do Us Part

The world’s largest wedding cake ever displayed was baked by Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino’s chef Lynn Mansel and a team of 57 chefs and "pastry artisans" at a New England showcase in Uncasville, Connecticut. The cake weighed in at 15,032 pounds and had seven tiers — each of which took two forklift trucks to... Continue Reading →

Need a Cheap iPhone? This Guy Has a Few. Just Don’t Ask About His Love Life

A Chinese factory worker spent more than $63,000 (500,000 yuan) to purchase 99 iPhone 6 devices. This is 17 times the average annual salary in his southern province of Guagzhou. He arranged the phones in the shape of a heart and then proposed to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, she said no. Maybe he should have sprung... Continue Reading →

No Wonder He Didn’t Try a Career in Greeting Cards

Robert Quillen (1887-1948), the editor of the Fountain Inn Tribune in South Carolina, was known for writing whatever came into his head. Heaven help whomever he was writing about if he was in a bad mood. For example, take this birth announcement: "Born on Monday, January 27, to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Daderight, a son.... Continue Reading →

Her Husband Is a Real Snake In the Grass

In 2006, a Hindu woman in India claimed she had fallen in love with a snake and then married the snake in accordance with Hindu marriage rituals. More than 2,000 people participated in a celebratory procession, because they felt a wedding would bring good luck. The snake did not attend, but was represented by a... Continue Reading →

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