I Wonder if WiFi is Included?

For your next vacation getaway, you might consider staying at the Royal Penthouse Suite of the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland. Renting at the rate of over $80,000 per night, it might be a bit more than what you budgeted for, but you are sure to have a visit you will never forget. The... Continue Reading →


Need a Cheap iPhone? This Guy Has a Few. Just Don’t Ask About His Love Life

A Chinese factory worker spent more than $63,000 (500,000 yuan) to purchase 99 iPhone 6 devices. This is 17 times the average annual salary in his southern province of Guagzhou. He arranged the phones in the shape of a heart and then proposed to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, she said no. Maybe he should have sprung... Continue Reading →

Bring Your Appetite — and Your Wallet

One of the priciest dining experiences in Japan is at Kitcho, a beautifully designed restaurant in Kyoto run by award-winning chef Kunio Tokuoka. The chef believes every dish that is served to his customers is a work of art and represents the sights and smells of Japanese culture. A meal at this high-end establishment will... Continue Reading →

Still Waiting….

James Bowman, from Vermont, died in 1891, after his wife and two daughters passed away.  As a firm believer in reincarnation, Bowman instructed that his 21-room mansion be maintained through a specific amount of money designated for that purpose.  In addition, he specified that each night dinner must be prepared in case the family came... Continue Reading →

Imagine the Long-Distance Charges!

In 1995 a $5,000 Italian casket equipped with call-for-help ability and survival kit went on sale. This casket is equipped with a beeper which will sound an emergency signal in the event of a premature burial. The coffins are also fitted with a two-way microphone/speaker to enable communication between the occupant and someone outside, and... Continue Reading →

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