“The Fork” Dishes Up Colorful Insult

Kierkegaard insult Martensen "Gob of snot"
Søren Kierkegaard (left) and Hans Lassen Martensen (right)

Søren Kierkegaard earned the nickname “The Fork” in his youth, due to his ability to identify an opponent’s weaknesses and stick it to him. Generally this took the form of surgical strikes from his rapier-sharp wit, but occasionally he could bluntly lob a cannonball, as well.

When moved to frustration in his debates with Hans Lassen Martensen, Kierkegaard dismissed him by stating, “My opponent is a glob of snot.”

A Idiot In Scotland Might Find Himself Kilt


Scottish insults words for idiot

You can tell a lot about what concerns people by looking at their language. Eskimos have many words for snow. The ancient Greeks had six words for love. It doesn’t take a lot to conclude that these were important things for these cultures.

Based on this, one can reasonably conclude that Scots are quite concerned about being inconvenienced by people of low intelligence. Scotland has at least twenty words and phrases for the word idiot.

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who "I understand. You're an idiot."
Peter Capaldi shows his true Scottish colors as the Doctor in BBC’s Doctor Who episode “Under the Lake” when he says, “I understand. You’re an idiot.”

These words include: bampot, diddy,  div, dunderheed, dolton, eejit, goon, heid-the-baw, huddy, numpty, tube, choob, wallaper, warmer, galoot, dobber, gommy, roaster, daftie, and neap.

No Beauty Contestant


Andrew Lloyd Webber (1948 – )

“Can you watch Andrew Lloyd Webber? He looks like he’s had his face carved off by a diseased butcher. Put in a piñata. Beaten with hockey sticks for six hours, and then the resulting slop piped back onto his head like the icing on the ugliest cake the world has ever seen.” — Frankie Boyle

Love is Born

Joan Collins and Percy Gibson wedding photo
Joan Collins and Percy Gibson wedding photo

After Joan Collins married her fifth husband, Percy Gibson, a man 32 years younger than her, John Parrott said, “She can’t be with us tonight. She’s busy attending the birth of her next husband.”