Rhubarb: It Has a Sound, Even if it Doesn’t Sound Tasty

When it comes to rhubarb, few people are undecided. People either love its taste or they hate it. Voices on either side are so loud that they can easily drown out another sound: the sound of rhubarb growing. One method of growing rhubarb is called "forced growth." Using this method, farmers keep the rhubarb outdoors for up... Continue Reading →


Which Batman is Worth His Weight in Batman?

In Babylon, a batman was a unit of weight. It was equal to 7 pounds, five ounces. Following is the weight of the actors who have played Batman, as measured by the batman: Adam West -- 196 lbs. -- 26.8034188034188 batman. Michael Keaton -- 183 lbs. -- 25.02564102564103 batman. Val Kilmer -- 180 lbs. --... Continue Reading →

Dog Dinner Parties and Shoe Calendars: the Life of Francis Egerton

Francis Egerton, 3rd Duke of Bridgewater (May 21, 1736 – March 8, 1803), is remembered as the "father of British inland navigation." He is credited for the Bridgewater Canal, commonly identified as the said to be the first true canal the modern world. History also remembers him as one of its biggest eccentrics. Egerton loved... Continue Reading →

How Bad Scheduling and a Misguided Con Scheme Changed the World

Johannes Gutenberg (circa 1400 – February 3, 1468) was responsible for one of the pivotal inventions in all of history: the moveable-type printing press. That invention, more than any other, allowed mankind to begin to collect and disseminate its collective knowledge and progress into the scientific and industrial revolutions. It almost didn't happen. We owe... Continue Reading →

Meet the Woman Whose Name is on the Declaration of Independence

Women would not receive the right to vote in the United States until 1920. Ironically, 144 years before this oversight was addressed, it was a woman who played a key role in the proclamation of American independence. If you don't know who this woman is, take a look at the Declaration of Independence, and you... Continue Reading →

Indiana Jones and the Droids He Wasn’t Looking For

Archeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones doesn't miss much, but he apparently overlooked pretty conclusive evidence of a civilization that existed long ago in a galaxy far away.Steven Spielberg, the creator of the Indiana Jones films, enjoyed putting tributes to Star Wars in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Several noteworthy ones would have pointed Dr. Jones... Continue Reading →

Who was the Best-Paid Athlete of All Time?

In today's era of multi-million dollar salaries for professional sports figures, it might surprise you that even the wealthiest of modern athletes cannot hold a candle to the best-paid sportsman of all time. In 2017 Real Madrid soccer star Ronaldo Cristiano brought in $93 million. As impressive as that is, it is mere pocket change... Continue Reading →

The Seeds of Infertility

Bananas and corn have one thing in common: they can no longer reproduce in nature. Both beloved examples of yellow vegetation have become so domesticated that they cannot survive without assistance from humans.The banana you get from the supermarket, the Cavendish, is actually a seedless, impotent hybrid of two less-appetizing plant species. Farmers make it... Continue Reading →

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