Rhubarb: It Has a Sound, Even if it Doesn’t Sound Tasty

When it comes to rhubarb, few people are undecided. People either love its taste or they hate it. Voices on either side are so loud that they can easily drown out another sound: the sound of rhubarb growing. One method of growing rhubarb is called "forced growth." Using this method, farmers keep the rhubarb outdoors for up... Continue Reading →


The Seeds of Infertility

Bananas and corn have one thing in common: they can no longer reproduce in nature. Both beloved examples of yellow vegetation have become so domesticated that they cannot survive without assistance from humans.The banana you get from the supermarket, the Cavendish, is actually a seedless, impotent hybrid of two less-appetizing plant species. Farmers make it... Continue Reading →

College Students Rejoice: Pizza For Every Meal

In news that is sure to excite college students everywhere, a team of Scottish scientists announced the development of a pizza that is healthy enough to eat at every meal. Professor Mike Lean of Glasgow University and businessman Donnie Maclean worked with a team to produce the pizza which contains 30% of the recommended daily... Continue Reading →

A Latecomer to Getting a Pizza the Action

Approximately 3 billion pizzas are sold in the United States each year, and although pizza's history dates back for centuries, it was only in the past fifty years that it caught on in the United States. Consider these pizza tidbits (source: The Pizza Joint): Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza each day, or 350... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Blessings with New Year’s Food

Ringing in the New Year in style may look different, depending on what country's traditions you wish to honor. Consider the following foods that are considered a vital part of these national culinary New Year traditions: 1. Spain — grapes. To bring prosperity. 2. Germany — pork and suerkraut. The more strands in a bowl,... Continue Reading →

Improving the Human Condition — One Slice of Cheese at a Time

In what was surely one of the most  important leaps forward in human technological advancement, Thor Bjørklund of Norway invented the cheese slicer in 1925. Bjørklund was apprenticed as a cabinet maker, and he was inspired to created the cheese slicer (known locally as the ostehøvel) by his work with a carpenter's plane. Thor Bjørklund... Continue Reading →

Hot News on a Heated Debate: What is the Hottest Pepper?

The long-fought battle for the title of World's Hottest Pepper has been resolved... at least for now. The Guinness Book of World Records has given the honor to the Carolina Reaper pepper. The scorpion-shaped, oily, bumpy, fire-red harbinger of heartburn won the title by registering 2.2 million on the Scoville Heat Units Scale, which measures... Continue Reading →

If The Vows Required Staying Married Until the Cake Was Eaten, It Would Be ‘Til Death Do Us Part

The world’s largest wedding cake ever displayed was baked by Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino’s chef Lynn Mansel and a team of 57 chefs and "pastry artisans" at a New England showcase in Uncasville, Connecticut. The cake weighed in at 15,032 pounds and had seven tiers — each of which took two forklift trucks to... Continue Reading →

I Bet He Wished He Could Forget That He Was Hungry, Too

Sir Isaac Newton was sometimes very absentminded. One day a visitor stopped by to see him. A servant told the visitor that he would have to sit down and wait, since Sir Isaac was in his study and could not be disturbed. Soon another servant brought in Newton's dinner--a boiled chicken under a cover--and sat... Continue Reading →

Bring Your Appetite — and Your Wallet

One of the priciest dining experiences in Japan is at Kitcho, a beautifully designed restaurant in Kyoto run by award-winning chef Kunio Tokuoka. The chef believes every dish that is served to his customers is a work of art and represents the sights and smells of Japanese culture. A meal at this high-end establishment will... Continue Reading →

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