College Students Rejoice: Pizza For Every Meal

pizza 30% daily nutrition

In news that is sure to excite college students everywhere, a team of Scottish scientists announced the development of a pizza that is healthy enough to eat at every meal. Continue reading

A Latecomer to Getting a Pizza the Action

First printed reference to pizza in United States was in 1904

Approximately 3 billion pizzas are sold in the United States each year, and although pizza’s history dates back for centuries, it was only in the past fifty years that it caught on in the United States.

Consider these pizza tidbits (source: The Pizza Joint): Continue reading

New Year’s Blessings with New Year’s Food

Ringing in the New Year in style may look different, depending on what country’s traditions you wish to honor. Consider the following foods that are considered a vital part of these national culinary New Year traditions:

1. Spain — grapes. To bring prosperity.

2. Germany — pork and suerkraut. The more strands in a bowl, the more prosperity the new year will bring. Pigs symbolize wealth and prosperity in many European countries, where they are enjoyed as sausages in Germany and pig’s feet in Sweden.

3. Japan — soba noodles. The soba symbolizes longevity (because of their long, thin shape) and letting go of last year’s troubles.

4. Scotland — whisky, black bun and shortbread. These treats are part of the traditional “first footing” of the new year, which comes after Hogmanay (Scottish New Year’s Eve celebrations). The first person to enter your home in the new year brings gifts symbolizing good luck for the coming year. That visitor is traditionally tall, dark and handsome and if he comes carrying booze and a sweet, rich fruitcake.

5. U.S. — black-eyed peas and collard greens. The legumes represent coins and the greens represent dollars — when served together, it’s a wish for prosperity.

6. Mexico — rosca de reyes, or 3 Kings Bread. This ring-shaped cake is baked with a trinket or two inside and decorated with candied fruit. Finding the trinket in your slice means luck’s coming your way.

Thanks to Bellevue/Eastside Blog for these fun and tasty traditions.

Improving the Human Condition — One Slice of Cheese at a Time

Thor Bjørklund (October 30, 1889 – December 8, 1975)
Thor Bjørklund (October 30, 1889 – December 8, 1975)

In what was surely one of the most  important leaps forward in human technological advancement, Thor Bjørklund of Norway invented the cheese slicer in 1925.cheese slicer

Bjørklund was apprenticed as a cabinet maker, and he was inspired to created the cheese slicer (known locally as the ostehøvel) by his work with a carpenter’s plane.

Thor Bjørklund & Sønner began manufacturing the slicer in 1927. Since then the company has produced over 50 million cheese slicers. Today, approximately 7,000 slicers can be produced in one hour.

Thor Bjørklund’s company’s official website

Hot News on a Heated Debate: What is the Hottest Pepper?

Carolina Reaper Pepper
Carolina Reaper Pepper

The long-fought battle for the title of World’s Hottest Pepper has been resolved… at least for now. The Guinness Book of World Records has given the honor to the Carolina Reaper pepper.

The scorpion-shaped, oily, bumpy, fire-red harbinger of heartburn won the title by registering 2.2 million on the Scoville Heat Units Scale, which measures the concentration of capsaicin, the chemical compound that creates the burning sensation with spicy foods. To put this in perspective, consider the Scoville Scale readings for the following:

Scoville Heat Units Item
15,000,000 pure capsaicin
2,000,000 – 5,000,000 U.S. Grade Pepper Spray
1,000,000 Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper)
200,000 – 350,000 Habanero
5,000 – 8,000 Yellow Hot
3,500 – 8,000 Jalapeño
500 – 1,500 Chile Verde
500 – 750 Red Chile
0 Sweet Bells