Stinky Communication Sounds Fishy

Herring send messages through farts and bubbles
We all know that passing gas in public sends a message. Usually that message is unwelcome. Among herring, however, communicating through flatulence may not be as fishy as it sounds.  Continue reading

Divine Wind

a segment from the He-Gassen scroll


A Japanese scroll art created 200 years ago during the Edo period (1603-1868) is dedicated to gas warfare, but not the kind of gas traditionally used in combat.

The He-Gassen (literally “Fart Battle”) portrays multiple scenes where individuals direct their flatulence against their adversaries. Art historians believe the work was inspired by a growing suspicion of foreign influence during that period.

Inasmuch as “kamikaze” literally means “divine wind,” one can’t help but note the fact that wind — divine or otherwise — has a long history of being used against foreign opposition.