Stinky Communication Sounds Fishy

Herring send messages through farts and bubbles
We all know that passing gas in public sends a message. Usually that message is unwelcome. Among herring, however, communicating through flatulence may not be as fishy as it sounds.  Continue reading

You Take the Chicken; I’ll Have the Fish

On commercial airliner flights, the pilot and co-pilot never eat the same meal. This is for the safety of the craft: if the pilot is laid low by food poisoning, the co-pilot should still be well enough to continue the flight.


Nice Catch, Ernest. Why Is That Fish Full of Holes?

Ernest Hemingway and “Friend”

Author Ernest Hemingway was an accomplished fisherman. He caught 7 marlin in one day — a world record at the time. Some of his techniques were not very sportsmanlike, however, such as shooting sharks with a submachine gun.