Stinky Communication Sounds Fishy

Herring send messages through farts and bubbles
We all know that passing gas in public sends a message. Usually that message is unwelcome. Among herring, however, communicating through flatulence may not be as fishy as it sounds.  Continue reading

Which is More Formidable?

The Duke of Windsor
The Duke of Windsor

The Duke of Windsor’s visits with French troops in the early days of World War II were helpful in boosting morale, but his flaccid grasp of the French language sometimes resulted in unintended levity. At one luncheon where he was the guest of the French Army, he remarked that after the war, France and England should join hands to make a formidable peace. That was his intent, anyway. What he said in French could better be translated as “a formidable fart.”

The Windsor Story, by J. Bryan III and Charles J.V. Murphy