When Wallace and Gromit Met a Time Lord

Peter Sallis Doctor Who Patrick Troughton Wallace and Gromit
Peter Sallis appears with Wallace and Gromit (top), and as Eric Penley (bottom left). Patrick Troughton is the Doctor, with an Ice Warrior (bottom right).

Fans of Wallace and Gromit mourned the passing of Peter Sallis (February 1, 1921 – June 2, 2017) at the age of 96. This versatile actor was beloved as the voice of Wallace in the claymation series Wallace and Gromit. 

Whovians tip their hat to Sallis as having a featured role in the 1967 Doctor Who story arc “The Ice Warriors.” As scientist Eric Penley, Sallis met the Doctor (Patrick Troughton) when the Martian warrior race the Ice Warriors first debuted. 

Sadly, and ironically, Peter Sallis passed away a mere 8 days before the airing of “The Empress of Mars,” the most recent appearance of the Ice Warriors on Doctor Who. 

This Tree Leaves Tunes

Singing Ringing Tree Panopticons musical art

Fans of BBC’s Doctor Who might think they have encountered earth’s answer to the Singing Towers of Darillium when they visit Lancashire in the United Kingdom. Unlike that fictional place, where the Doctor and his wife spent their last night together, and where reservations have to be made four years in advance, this place is open to all without any need for advance booking. Continue reading

A Idiot In Scotland Might Find Himself Kilt


Scottish insults words for idiot

You can tell a lot about what concerns people by looking at their language. Eskimos have many words for snow. The ancient Greeks had six words for love. It doesn’t take a lot to conclude that these were important things for these cultures.

Based on this, one can reasonably conclude that Scots are quite concerned about being inconvenienced by people of low intelligence. Scotland has at least twenty words and phrases for the word idiot.

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who "I understand. You're an idiot."
Peter Capaldi shows his true Scottish colors as the Doctor in BBC’s Doctor Who episode “Under the Lake” when he says, “I understand. You’re an idiot.”

These words include: bampot, diddy,  div, dunderheed, dolton, eejit, goon, heid-the-baw, huddy, numpty, tube, choob, wallaper, warmer, galoot, dobber, gommy, roaster, daftie, and neap.

Time Lords and Talking Cabbage

Doctor Who Tom Baker Talking Cabbage

Fans of BBC’s Doctor Who know that the Doctor has had quite the variety of companions since the show’s debut in 1963. He has had humans, Time Lords, aliens, a robot dog, and even a Cyberman head.

He almost had a sentient vegetable, as well.

When actress Louise Jameson, who played Leela, left the program in 1978, Tom Baker (the fourth Doctor) wanted to replace her with a talking cabbage. He envisioned his new companion riding around on his shoulder. BBC executives were not warm to the idea, however, and nothing came of it.

While he did not get anything nearly as exciting as a talking cabbage, Baker’s successor as the Doctor, Peter Davison, did wear a stalk of celery on his lapel.

Peter Davison, the fifth Doctor, wore celery as part of his trademark uniform.


A Diamond of a Discovery

 diamond planet  55 canceri e 

The planet 55 Cancri e is essentially  a diamond — and a very big one at that. At twice the size of earth, it is estimated to be worth $26.9 nonillion (269, followed by 29 zeros). 

Strangely reminiscent of the Planet Midnight in the BBC television program Doctor Who, this real life diamond planet orbits a star in the constellation Cancer. Composed largely of carbon, the surface temperature of 1,700 Celsius (3,100 Fahrenheit) and its large mass is ideal conditions for creating diamonds.  

Doctor Who Diamond Planet Midnight
Planet Midnight from Doctor Who
 With Earth’s total gross domestic product estimated at $70 trillion in 2011, the value of 55 Canceri e is 384 quadrillion times more than our planet’s annual GDP.

Thanks to HUMERME.com for the inspiration for this post. 


Doctor W.H.O.?

Peter Capaldi as the DoctorPeter Capaldi, who plays the twelfth Doctor Who, also played the role of a doctor with the World Health Organization in the zombie movie World War Z. He was credited as “W.H.O. Doctor”.