Fartkontrol: Don’t Speed By This Warning

The next time you are in Denmark and see a traffic sign that says, "Fartkontrol", don't be so quick to hold your nose and snicker. It actually is warning you that the speed limit is highly enforced.


A Slice of Birthday Gruesomeness 

   Danish children celebrate their birthdays by receiving a "cakeman." The festive dessert is a cake baked and decorated to resemble the birthday child.  After blowing out the candles, the birthday boy or girl gets to sit in wide-eyed wonder as he or she is symbolically decapitated and disembowled and guests feast upon the sugary... Continue Reading →

Would They Let You Name Your Baby “Red Tape”?

Choosing a baby's name is exciting. If you live in Denmark, it is also complicated. Danish law requires that parents choose a child's name from an approved government list. Any exceptions must be approved by appropriate authorities. The list of pre-approved names of 7,000 mostly West European and English names -- 3,000 for boys, 4,000 for... Continue Reading →

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