The Coin of the Realm — and Something Extra

Everyone likes money because of the value it has in itself. Coin collectors like certain kinds of money because of its rarity or historical value. Every once in a while currency comes around that is just plain fun. In 2007 the nation of Mongolia chose to honor US President John F. Kennedy because of his... Continue Reading →


The Ultimate Rental House Fixer-Upper

As President Harry Truman's daughter, Margaret, played the piano one day, she was startled as one leg of the piano suddenly dropped through the floor of the White House residential level. Engineers were called in to see what was going on, and the report was nothing short of alarming. The 150-year-old mansion was in desperate... Continue Reading →

$100 Trillion Just Doesn’t Buy What It Used To

Zimbabwe's rate of inflation in 1998 was 32%. That's bad by any standard, but little did they know how well off they were. Just ten years later the inflation rate was 11,200,000,000% for one month.   By November 2008, per one estimate, prices were doubling every 31 hours. Its currency had sunk to such a low... Continue Reading →

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