Furniture for the Truly Special Occasions

Queen Elizabeth II throne room
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s thrones (upper left), the Throne Room of Buckingham Palace (upper right), and the only time the Queen’s throne has been used (lower right).

To be a monarch means that you have a throne. Most traditional concepts of kings and queens are indelibly connected to the throne, the ultimate seat of power. Queen Elizabeth II has a Throne Room in Buckingham Palace. Appropriately enough, the focal point of the room is her throne. Right beside it is the throne for Prince Phillip. Curiously enough, the Queen has used that throne only once, Continue reading

A Royal Snack

Queen Salote of Tonga and her Foreign Minister
Queen Salote of Tonga and her Foreign Minister

Second only to Elizabeth II herself, the star attraction at the 1953 Coronation was the massive Queen of Tonga, Salote Tupou III. As she rode by in an open carriage with her comparatively-small foreign minister, someone asked Noel Coward who the foreign minister was. Coward responded, “Her lunch.”