When POTUS Has to Ask for Mommy’s Help

He may have been the most powerful man in the world, but John F. Kennedy learned that there are some things even the President of the United States can't do. He commanded a military of nearly 3 million people who would follow his orders without question, but there was one person to whom he needed to... Continue Reading →


The Gift that Keeps on Giving

As George Bernard Shaw perused the shelves of a secondhand bookstore, he came across a volume of his plays. He opened the book and found his handwriting on the flyleaf, addressed to a friend, with the words, "With the compliments of George Bernard Shaw." Mr. Shaw purchased the book and sent it back to the... Continue Reading →

Presidential (Autograph) Price Controls

President John F. Kennedy was one of the best known humorists to occupy the White House, and he rarely missed a chance to employ humor. In 1961 New York Post columnist Leonard Lyons wrote to the President and informed that a JFK signature was then selling for $75, while George Washington’s was priced at $175. Lyons received the... Continue Reading →

I Know Who I Am

Ronald Reagan had been successful in motion pictures and television, but he still struggled with name recognition when he was campaigning for President in 1976. His campaign managers had him going door-to-door in Texas, seeking votes. At one house a gentleman answered the door, and Reagan told him he was running for President and would appreciate... Continue Reading →

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