Meet the Moon Diamond Cat

The Siamese cat originated in Siam -- modern day Thailand. In the Thai language, that most-easily recognizable breed is known by another name: Wichien Maat. It translates as "Moon Diamond."


An Improbable Fact That’s Probably True

As improbable as it may sound, a gathering of puffins is known as an “improbability.” Check out this article by our friends at Science Alcove for more improbable-but-true fun facts about this amazing bird. For interesting classifications of other animals, click here.

Meet the Feathered Guardians of the United Kingdom

Permanent residents of the Tower of London include six ravens. They have been seen in and around the tower since being built in 1078. They have been officially-sanctioned since the days of Charles II (r. 1660-1685), who had been told that if the Tower of London ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will... Continue Reading →

Funny… I Don’t Remember Being Absentminded

Jean de La Fontaine was a 17th century French author who wrote simple animal stories that contained elements of satire and social criticism. He was famous for his absentmindedness. He once called at the house of a friend whom he hadn't seen in some time. When reminded that his friend had died six months earlier,... Continue Reading →

You Mean Peter Parker Wasn’t the First Spider-Man?

Shortly before the start of the Marvel Era of comic books, Journey Into Mystery #73 published “Where will you be, when… The Spider Strikes!” In it, a common household spider was doused with radioactive rays. Instead of biting an unsuspecting high school student named Peter Parker, the spider instead began to develop the intelligence of a human being... Continue Reading →

The Bird Man of the Confederacy

Confederate General Richard Ewell believed himself to be a bird, eating grains of wheat and sunflower seeds for meals. There were persistent stories from soldiers on guard duty claiming that the General would spend many hours in his tent quietly chirping to himself. Also known as "Old Baldy," one can't help but wonder if he... Continue Reading →

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