You May Need to Adjust Your Clock … By 300 Years

Were you one of those history students who had difficulty grasping the details of the Middle Ages? Perhaps that's because the Middle Ages didn't actually take place. In 1986 Heribert Illig published Das erfundene Mittelalter (The Invented Middle Ages). He posits that a nearly-300 year period of time, AD 614–911, did not really take place... Continue Reading →


Great Strategy. Bad Geography.

When it came to big names in the Viking community, Hastein was certainly a rising star. This 9th century chieftain made his name with raids in the Frankish Empire (notably avoiding Scotland, as Vikings had been warned to do) and joint efforts with Sweden’s King Björn Ironside to raid countries in the Mediterranean. It was... Continue Reading →

Government: Reaching Into the Grave and Beyond….

The People's Republic of China prohibits reincarnation without prior permission of the government. The 14-part regulation issued by the State Administration for Religious Affairs is aimed at limiting the influence of Tibet’s exiled god-king, the Dalai Lama, and at preventing the re-incarnation of the revered monk without approval from Beijing. source

And You Thought This Election Season Was Nasty?

Every election season sees pundits bemoan the negativity of modern campaigns. We are often left with the idea that things used to be a lot more gentlemanly. Negativity is nothing new in American politics. If anything, things are better than they used to be. Consider the 1828 campaign song of President John Quincy Adams, used... Continue Reading →

Man’s Best Friend Inspires a Heart-Touching Tribute

When Frank Inn found the fluffy black-and-tan mixed breed dog in a Burbank, California animal shelter, little did he know what a treasure he had uncovered. Inn named the dog Higgins and set to work training him. Higgins was a quick study, and he ultimately came to be known around the world as the original... Continue Reading →

How Much Do You Know About Christmas?

   Now that Christmas is behind us for one more year, it is time to see just how much of the holiday traditions you know. Consider these Christmas fun facts:  What’s so special about mistletoe? The Druids considered mistletoe sacred because it remains green and bears fruit during the winter when all other plants appear... Continue Reading →

Going to Their Knees When There Was Nowhere Else to Go

The Constitutional Convention was at a deadlock. They had been meeting for five weeks and could come anywhere close to an agreement about how the states should be represented in the new Congress. Small states wanted equal representation. Large states wanted proportionate representation. With no one willing to budge and tempers running high in the... Continue Reading →

A Dozen Facts about the 20th President

While President James Garfield tends to be little more than a footnote in the history of the US presidency because of the short time that he served, he was a truly remarkable man and deserves to be better remembered. Following are a few facts about the 20th President of the United States: Garfield's administration was... Continue Reading →

Reducing the Werewolf Population One Adoption at a Time

Going the extra mile to keep the werewolf population down, Argentina's presidents have made it a custom since 1907 to "adopt" the seventh son born in a family. The practice comes from a Russian legend that a family's seventh consecutive son was cursed to become a werewolf. Immigrants brought the legend to Argentina, where werewolves are... Continue Reading →

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