After Escaping Cannibals, Dealing With Politicians Was Easy

In September 1944 nine US airmen were shot down over Chichi Jima, a small island 700 miles south of Tokyo, Japan. Of these nine men, only one evaded capture by the Japanese. That man, Lt. George H.W. Bush, went on to become the 41st President is the United States. What he didn't know -- and... Continue Reading →


Three POTUS Portrayals

Senator Robert Dole, upon seeing a picture of former presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Richard Nixon lined up at an official event, pointed them out and identified them, in turn, as "See no Evil. Hear no Evil. And Evil." source

It’s Pretty Bad When Your Own V.P. Won’t Vote for You

History was made on May 9, 1872 when the National Woman's Suffrage Association nominated Victoria Woodhull as their candidate for President of the United States. Even the most casual observer would have to acknowledge that she faced an uphill battle to the White House. For one thing, women would not have the right to vote in... Continue Reading →

And You Thought This Election Season Was Nasty?

Every election season sees pundits bemoan the negativity of modern campaigns. We are often left with the idea that things used to be a lot more gentlemanly. Negativity is nothing new in American politics. If anything, things are better than they used to be. Consider the 1828 campaign song of President John Quincy Adams, used... Continue Reading →

The Devil is in the Details

General Dwight D. Eisenhower was unquestionably experienced when it came to military matters, but in 1952 he was a novice concerning politics. In the midst of his first campaign for the presidency, one of the advance men handed him a 35-page detailed plan concerning the campaign stops for the next couple of days. Eisenhower looked at... Continue Reading →

The Way to a Fourth Term is Through the Stomach

Mrs. Henrietta Nesbitt was the chief housekeeper of the White House during the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. She believed the White House should lead the way in setting an example for the rest of the country about how to get by with less during the Great Depression and to strictly follow rationing requirements... Continue Reading →

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