Using Pennies to Keep Big Ben Accurate Makes Good Cents

Aside from the monarchy, one would be hard-pressed to think of anything more iconically British than the clock in the Elizabeth Tower of Westminster Palace. Its massive bell, Big Ben, has been keeping Londoners on time for over 150 years. In fact, it has maintained almost freakishly accurate time. It is the biggest, most accurate four-faced... Continue Reading →


The Island of Recycled Opportunity

If you are looking to own your own tropical island, you can expect to pay a lot of money, or your can do what Richard Sowa did: build your own. Joyxee Island, located 30 yards off the coast of the Mexican Island Isla Mujeres, is the end result of Sowa's labors. The tropical paradise was... Continue Reading →

A Look Inside the Subterreanean City Beneath Kansas City, Missouri

There is more to Kansas City, Missouri than what you see on the surface. In fact, 10% of its industrial real estate is underground. Situated atop vast limestone deposits, Kansas City was a prime location for underground development. One notable example is SubTropolis, the world’s largest underground business development. Dug into the Bethany Falls limestone mine,... Continue Reading →

If You Crave Peace and Quiet, This Place is For You

When your "quiet place" isn't quiet enough, what do you do? For Microsoft the answer was obvious: they built their own.   Located in Building 87 of Microsoft's Redmond, Washington campus is the "anechoic chamber." Its name means "echo free," and that is precisely what it is. The room is used for testing Surface tablets... Continue Reading →

This Tree Leaves Tunes

Fans of BBC's Doctor Who might think they have encountered earth's answer to the Singing Towers of Darillium when they visit Lancashire in the United Kingdom. Unlike that fictional place, where the Doctor and his wife spent their last night together, and where reservations have to be made four years in advance, this place is open to... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Rental House Fixer-Upper

As President Harry Truman's daughter, Margaret, played the piano one day, she was startled as one leg of the piano suddenly dropped through the floor of the White House residential level. Engineers were called in to see what was going on, and the report was nothing short of alarming. The 150-year-old mansion was in desperate... Continue Reading →

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

President Andrew Jackson's relationship with Congress was not always cordial. In fact, it was often outright combative, and he disliked being reminded of that every time he glanced in the direction of the US Capitol Building. Despite the fact that Pierre L'Enfant designed the city of Washington to provide an unobstructed view down Pennsylvania Avenue between the... Continue Reading →

Squirrels Fail to Go All Nutty Over Bridge

  When residents in the Netherlands became alarmed about the number of squirrels that were struck by cars while crossing  the N44 motorway by the Benoordenhoutseweg, they hit upon the ideal solution: build a bridge for their furry friends. The result was a €150,000 structure that linked Haagse Bos forest and Oosterbeen with Clingedel Park. ... Continue Reading →

Lodging for Doomsday — Hidden in Plain Sight

Check out this amazing story about a massive underground Doomsday bunker, hidden in plain sight. This post was written by dorannrule and originally appeared on the excellent blog Virginia Views -- Country Living for Beginners. There is a fascinating place in West Virginia at the Greenbrier Resort.  It is called The Bunker, a hidden facility built during the... Continue Reading →

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