The 20-Year Flight of the Killer Bullet

ziegland exploding tree bullet coincidence

Sometimes you just can’t escape fate. Take Henry Ziegland, for example. When he broke up with his girlfriend in 1893, she committed suicide. Her brother blamed Ziegland for his sister’s death and vowed revenge. He confronted Ziegland, pulled a gun, and took a shot at him.

Fortunately for Ziegland, the bullet only grazed his face and lodged in the nearby tree. The brother, believing that he got his message across, did not attempt any further violence.

For twenty years the bullet remained lodged in that tree, all but forgotten. In 1913 Ziegland decided to remove the tree. Rather than mess around with an ax, he opted for dynamite to uproot the offending timber.

The explosion dislodged the bullet and propelled it through the air until it became lodged — in Henry Ziegland’s head.

He died instantly — even though it had been twenty years since the bullet had been fired.


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