Astronomy and Space

A Diamond of a Discovery

 diamond planet  55 canceri e 

The planet 55 Cancri e is essentially  a diamond — and a very big one at that. At twice the size of earth, it is estimated to be worth $26.9 nonillion (269, followed by 29 zeros). 

Strangely reminiscent of the Planet Midnight in the BBC television program Doctor Who, this real life diamond planet orbits a star in the constellation Cancer. Composed largely of carbon, the surface temperature of 1,700 Celsius (3,100 Fahrenheit) and its large mass is ideal conditions for creating diamonds.  

Doctor Who Diamond Planet Midnight

Planet Midnight from Doctor Who

 With Earth’s total gross domestic product estimated at $70 trillion in 2011, the value of 55 Canceri e is 384 quadrillion times more than our planet’s annual GDP.

Thanks to for the inspiration for this post. 


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