Think This Caviar Smells Fishy? Wait Until You See the Price!

This 4-pound tin of Beluga caviar can be yours for a little more than $36,000.

Beluga caviar is considered by many to be the finest caviar available. Consisting of the eggs of the beluga sturgeon, found primarily in the Caspian Sea, it is a prized commodity. The beluga sturgeon has been classified as critically endangered, and as a result the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) suspended all trade related to the product. One notable exception to the ban is the nation of Iran, which has been deemed by CITES as providing effective conservation and protection of the species. In addition to the rarity of the beluga sturgeon, the caviar is in short-supply because the sturgeon can take up to 20 years before reaching maturity.

These factors all conspire to make beluga caviar the most expensive in the world. Current market value fetches approximately $566 per ounce. With one serving being approximately one-half of a teaspoon, that translates to each bite costing you about $70.



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