Turn Baby Mice Whines into Baby Mice Wine

baby mice wineIf you like mice — particularly the baby kind — you might enjoy the traditional drink in China and Korea: baby mice wine.

Manufacturers take baby mice from their mothers before they begin to grow hair or open their eyes and place them, alive, in bottles of rice wine. There the little critters are left to drown, sink to the bottom of the bottle, and ferment, along with the wine, for 12 to 14 months.

Quality wine contains not one, but between 12 and 14 mice per bottle. Upon finishing the wine, one is also supposed to eat the pickled rodents. The concoction is believed to have strong medicinal qualities and is supposed to cure almost everything that ails you.

It is also said to taste a lot like gasoline.




4 thoughts on “Turn Baby Mice Whines into Baby Mice Wine

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  1. Oh my. I cannot even fathom drowning the poor little creatures for such a use. I am quite sure scientific studies would, as with their belief in the benefits of bear gallbladder and shark fins, debunk their holistic cures. I’m quite sure this kind of thing happens in many areas of the world including our own. But really! I have to say you find the most interesting, obscure facts. Its what makes me come back to visit. Have a great holiday!


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