What’s More Scary Than a Psychopathic Killer? How About One Who Looks Like William Shatner?


Michael Myers’ mask in the movie Halloween was the face of William Shatner.

Because the film had an incredibly low budget, the prop department on horror classic Halloween had to dress serial killer Michael Myers in the cheapest mask they could find in their local fancy dress shop.

Turns out that was a mask of William Shatner, which cost them the princely sum of $2.

They modified it a bit, spray painted it white and made it a bit scarier and it became one of the iconic images of horror cinema.

The cheapo slasher went on to take $70m at the worldwide box office, more than 215 times its $325,000 budget. That makes it the most profitable film ever to feature William Shatner’s face, beating Star Trek II.


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